Women’s Wellness Collective

6-Week Group Coaching Program 

Spots are always limited, so sign up now! During this 6 week group-coaching cycle, cFIT goes on your personal journey with you to help you absolutely crush your specific goals. What does that mean for you? Well, what does FIT mean to you? Whether your goal is to reverse a chronic condition, lose 15 pounds, get stronger, or run your first 5k, cFIT will work with you to put in place the the best route to take you there. We approach your goals holistically. Focusing on your mind, body, soul and spirit, we take care of all of you. And the most special aspect of this experience is that you will never feel like you’re alone on this journey. You’ll have a team of women on your side- your support system, your squad. You’ll encourage and support them as they encourage and support you. Contact me if you need immediate support and/ or if you have any questions regarding this amazing program.

Personal 1 On 1 Coaching

You’ve Got What it Takes!

… you just know you do but, you lack the support, motivation and direction to keep yourself on the path to your health and fitness goals. And maybe you’d rather not work with a group (cause you want me all to yourself – understandable), you’ve come to the right place. If you need guidance to start making healthier choices and stronger moves, then let’s just get started now!
Let’s take it from here and cross that finish– together!

Already have your TRIBE?

You and your girls, your besties or maybe your colleagues, or cousins?

You are each other’s support system and you’ve committed to starting your health journey together but you’re lacking something: a plan, direction, organization and an objective leader… We’ll include some challenges and friendly competition keeping it fresh, fun, informative and worth your while!
Let cFIT ‘C’ all of you through!

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Joanna Liskiewicz, NYC

“The reason I joined this group is 1, I wanted to lose weight and 2, I needed that support in my life; I cannot do it by myself. I needed having people around me who are on the same journey as I’m on- same struggles, same successes all around. I needed the support group and I needed the help.

With that said, you’re going to have to do the work; you have to put in the work. What this group does is it motivates you; it helps you and holds you accountable. That’s what this group did for me. It keeps me in line and everybody’s going through the same struggle.

The women in this group all had different goals. It was interesting to see their journey and I made friends. We’re a really tight group now because of this.”

Catheline Tighe, NYC

“The best part of this program is our weekly calls where we get to know other members of the group through their own struggles with food and weight loss. Carmelle has shown us that our fitness journeys do not have to be lonely. We do it together by helping each other. I love the collective spirit of the group and the way we all instantly bonded over this shared goal of becoming our best selves.”

Jude Michel, MD

“On top of being a very insightful and knowledgeable trainer, Carmelle is effortlessly personable and makes every interaction count! The launching of her fitness program cFit was exactly what I needed to kick start my wellness journey.  After an operation to correct a lower back issue, I gained unwanted weight and was unable to find the right fitness plan specific to my needs. Coach Carmelle listened to my concerns and got me on the right path. She also pushed me further towards my fitness goals while understanding my limitations. What impressed me the most about Carmelle is her ability to support a well balanced approach towards fitness. During our time together we discussed best food options, intermittent fasting and supplements. I am more than happy with my results. She is the best trainer I’ve worked with yet and plan on staying with her during the next fitness session.”

Shauna Spencer, NYC

“C-Fit is an amazing program that really worked for me. I made the decision a long time ago that I will no longer diet. Instead I decided to eat right for life. CFIT allows me to do this.  The program is beneficial because our coach holds us accountable for everything.  I truly enjoy connecting with my partners and the challenges keep me motivated.  I lost 6lbs so far.  My journey continues…”

Michele Leconte, NYC

“I’ve always considered myself a DIYer when it comes to most things but when it comes to my fitness doing it myself was a pretty challenging task- so challenging that I would leave my fitness goals on the back burner.  When Carmelle was offering a virtual fitness coaching system during this pandemic I jumped at the chance to join like-minded women who had the time and the commitment to influence and encourage each other. Not only were the Beachbody classes approachable and fun but Carmelle was always there to lend me her expertise at how to become a stronger me. Tailoring what I wanted into a routine that was reachable then adding a bit more of advice based on my progress or defeats.  Even when injuries struck she knew what to tell me: that it was OK to step back a bit to heal then get right back by recommending modification moves and nutritional foods that heal.  Our weekly group sessions were like therapy, where we each opened up about our nutritional challenges, mental games we play out in our minds that sabotage progress.  Carmelle related and told us it was all ok and that we just had to keep recommitting ourselves by celebrating even small accomplishments.  I would recommend Carmelle to anyone who wanted a fitness coach that was as passionate about fitness as she is about helping people get to their ideal self.  Thank you, Carmelle.  My goal was to be stronger and I feel it because of you.”