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International Women Of Color Who Boss Up

Asian, Latina and African American Women Who Thrive and Take Charge of Their Destiny

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COntributing Author

Carmelle Jean-Francois

As a virtual coach, instructor, trainer and motivational speaker, blogger and now author, I have latched on to 15 other Super Women that too are blazing trails in their specific industries. I am thoroughly honored to be an integral part of the collaborative effort and contribution to realizing this very important and very relevant book, International Women of Color Who BossUp.

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If you need to hear, “Come on girl. You got this. You’ve got it in you to do this.” from women you respect, well, this is a book to read.

If you need a “girl talk” to believe in yourself again. To Boss Up no matter what the situation. Not just pandemics, but abuse and divorce and, homelessness and your own stinking thinking. This book not only honors women, but also empowers all women to boss up in life, no matter what the situation is because other women have done the same. Enjoy and I hope it inspires you in all areas of your life.

– Description by Tam Luc

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Women Who BossUp profiles women who have broken the mold to achieve, overcome difficulties or inspire change through relentless endeavor. Hailing from across the globe, diverse walks of life and varied disciplines including STEM, healthcare, finance, coaching and non-profits, “Women Who BossUp” is a welcome companion to any boss or boss in the making.

– Tam Luc


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