I Wanna ‘C’ Your Fit!

cFIT Coaching provides a safe, friendly and supportive virtual community encouraging individuals of all ages, no matter their fitness level, to achieve their personal fitness and nutritional goals.

Meet Carmelle

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens, New York, Carmelle Jean-Francois is a motivational speaker, author, blogger and the Founder and CEO of cFIT Coaching, LLC.  She is a fitness enthusiast, advocate, coach and trainer who has built a strong foundation through her certifications as a NASM Personal Trainer, a certified Spinning Instructor, a Medical Exercise Specialist, a Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, and a Beachbody Coach promoting popular programs created by celebrity trainers such as Autumn Calabrese and Tony Horton.

Individualized Training Programs

cFIT goes on a journey alongside each individual participant to realize her specific goals. What does that mean for you? Well, what does FIT mean to you? Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose 15 pounds, run your first 5k or simply to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, cFIT will provide the support and suggest the best fitness and nutrition program to help take you there. 

Exercising with Carmelle, a dynamic and enthusiastic woman, was very motivating for me, I loved it.

Carole Toussaint

You are doing a fantastic job leading this group! Your energy and your love for wellness get through to your clients.

Elizabeth Armstrong

The launching of Carmelle’s fitness program cFit was exactly what I needed to kick start my wellness journey.

Jude Michel, MD